Saturday, March 20, 2010


I am here to represent my school. We will fight until we have done everything in our power to stop this. Our school is closing and this is tragic news for parents, teachers, and most importantly STUDENTS! We need YOUR support to help us fight. Our school Animo Justice Charter High School should not close down with out a fight. We need money to give to the school to show the Green Dot administration we care and we our not what they make us seem. We are students that are fighting for an opportunity to show we are not ignorant children. We are students that have a right to fight for our school and our voice to be heard. Please support us we need fund raisers, supporters, news, media , anyone we can get. So the world can know what they are doing to our school. They believe we will give up and cry in tears because of the agony we feel. There was a meeting on March 19, 2010 for parents to know what was occurring, but all they told them was bull crap they never got straight to the point. They never answered the direct question that the parents had for them. According to them they wanted us to have hope for this school that we can achieve to excellence. Then they decide to close it when we began to have spirit for our school. Pride for our school knowing we can do this and we will. Showing everyone that we are better than what they see us as, we are children striving to become known in this world for our intelligence and us becoming something in this world. We are NOT what they make us seem! We will fight until we have used every resource in out hand to stop this or prevent this. We need money and support I am asking you, no begging you to help us save our school. Please help us and contact me.


Nayelly Gonzalez